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Welcome to our online elite performance platform. We specialise in athlete wellbeing management that leads to positive and sustainable elite athlete wellbeing and behavioural outcomes. With a personalised approach developed by a dedicated team of ex-sporting professionals and experts in their field, they have compiled years of athletic and sport management experience. ATHLETE IQ provides athletes and teams of all levels a full range of services to optimise performance including, mental strengthening, physical strength and conditioning, and sports & performance dietetics. 

ATHLETE IQ will help you or your team make it and sustain it in your sport.

The Process

How Does It Work?

At ATHLETE IQ we’ve developed a unique system that shows proven results for athletes across all sporting disciplines.



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Our Services

Strength & Conditioning

Our tailored program is established with the athlete’s primary training objectives for their chosen sport and is executed under a variety of methods to optimise performance.

athlete wellbeing

Our wellbeing sessions build resilience. Designed to help each athlete recognise and overcome mental blocks, self-sabotage, and better cope with stress or factors inhibiting performance.

Mental Strengthening

Our Mental Strengthening program is developed toward learning the correct skill sets inside the scope of developing mental toughness.


Our goal is to identify the best eating and hydration strategies to meet an individual’s or teams schedule and training/competition need.


Become an Authentic Athlete

For up and coming to elite and professional athletes, adopting a clear and well thought out strategy to increase wellbeing and optimise performance potential is fundamental to enjoyment, longevity and overall success.
Our systemised approach to collaborating with athletes is fundamentally about discovering your own unique human potential and uncovering ways that stop you from success, but to also allow yourself to flourish in your own skin.

Our aim is to enable, empower and educate the athlete and to assist them in acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to be the ultimate professional and to sustain their authenticity as competitors and as people.
Our team uses evidence based, scientific processes and interventions. 
We assess and advise every aspect of an athlete’s lifestyle and mindset and therefore exist to identify areas and implement programs and methods for effectual athletic and human development.

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