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Are you mentally ready for your return to sport?

Alongside the excitement and long waited eagerness of starting to train and compete again, it’s usual to experience feelings of anxiety, uneasiness and nervousness. These emotions and feelings may come in waves and often they are associated with the uncertainty of what is ahead.

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FEEDback is the breakfast of champions

Anybody can feel confident and be positive when things are going great. And its easy for us to stop learning or look for ways to get better when you think life and your sporting journey are going great. But know that it takes no special talent, discipline or grit to smile and feel motivated when you’re on top. However, the mark of a true champion lies in how you handle the down times.

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adaptation to build a resilient athlete

You are probably aware that physical training is critical for mental health, injury prevention, body composition, and enhance athletic ability.

An athlete can’t become a champion without it! An athlete will not achieve their full potential without a strong physical fitness program. Period.

Nevertheless, when an athlete goes to compete, their self- confidence, and trust to achieve success is entirely dependent upon their capacity to handle their unique fears, anxieties, self-doubt, and how they manage negative thinking and self-destructive distractions.

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COVID-19 has had significant and devastating impacts for many athletes and sporting clubs, from major to local competitions being postponed or cancelled. This, of course, has led to restricted access to normal training routines as we isolate at home. These changes can lead to increased stress, anxiety, and/or reduced mood, and not just for those with pre-existing mental illness. Subsequently, the measures needed to stop the spread and eradicate COVID-19 have indeed had a major impact on your life and sport.

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The 3 Main Challenges Athletes are Facing During COVID – 19

Around the world we are not just social distancing, we’re distancing from where we go and what we do. The idea that we need to merely survive this pandemic is not the only thing we need to do. We need not only to take care of our physical, mental, and emotional health, but we need to create and make concerted changes to our daily life. We must create new boundaries and let go of what is no longer useful or no longer serve us.

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Strength & Conditioning

Our tailored program is established with the athlete’s primary training objectives for their chosen sport and is executed under a variety of methods to optimise performance.


Our athlete wellbeing sessions build resilience. Designed to help each athlete recognise and overcome mental blocks, self-sabotage, and better cope with stress or factors inhibiting performance.

Mental Strengthening

Our Mental Strengthening program is developed toward learning the correct skill sets inside the scope of developing mental toughness.


Our goal is to identify the best eating and hydration strategies to meet an individual’s or teams schedule and training/competition need.

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