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ATHLETE IQ provides a full range of services as part of its holistic approach to optimising performance and sustaining an elite level of competition. These services include strength and conditioning, mental strengthening, and sports & performance dietetics, each customised to the requirements and goals of the individual or team utilising them.




ATHLETE IQ helps athletes adopt a multi-faceted approach toward their development and performance. This approach allows our team to develop customised programs to each individual and their sport. Adopting an integrated approach allows you as an athlete to reach peak performance more efficiently. Thus, with the help of our team, you can be guided to improve results in competition, train more effectively and achieve your goals and strive toward becoming an authentic competitor.

Our Services

Strength & Conditioning

Our tailored program is established with the athlete’s primary training objectives for their chosen sport and is executed under a variety of methods to optimise performance.

athlete wellbeing

Our athlete wellbeing sessions build resilience. Designed to help each athlete recognise and overcome mental blocks, self-sabotage, and better cope with stress or factors inhibiting performance.

Mental Strengthening

Our Mental Strengthening program is developed toward learning the correct skill sets inside the scope of developing mental toughness.


Our goal is to identify the best eating and hydration strategies to meet an individual’s or teams schedule and training/competition need.

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