Whether you’re a world-class athlete or an up-and-coming junior, mental strength is one of the necessities for peak performance. Establishing a strong and trusting relationship with a mental strength coach is integral to improving mental strength. At ATHLETE IQ, our coaches offer one-on-one mental strengthening programs to athletes of all abilities.


Mental strength is an asset in all areas of life, not just in sport. When a person has trained in mental strength, they are ‘mentally ready’, and are able to make good decisions quickly and easily. People who are mentally ready easily rise into positions of authority and leadership in their professional lives, as well as excelling in their personal lives. Being ‘mentally ready’ in sport gives our clients a competitive advantage and helps them to make better decisions under pressure. At ATHLETE IQ, our mental strengthening programs are designed to give athletes the skills to get themselves mentally ready, and to perform under pressure.


The ATHLETE IQ Introductory Program develops resilience and elite behaviour patterns by focusing on five fundamental areas:

  • Managing expectations
  • Where to focus
  • Pre-emptive confidence
  • Trusting your skillset
  • Composure and emotional management

On completion of the ATHLETE IQ Introductory Program, clients may undertake the ATHLETE IQ Signature Program over a six-week period:


Week 1: THE WINNERS MINDSET: ‘Have an attitude of gratitude’
Week 2: CONCENTRATION vs HYPERFOCUS: ‘Pressure is a privilege’
Week 3: STRESS MANAGEMENT & OPTIMISATION: ‘You either let it help you or hinder you’
Week 4: FAILING SUCCESSFULLY: ‘The ability to get better, not bitter’
Week 5: BREAKING LIMITS: ‘No pain, no gain’
Week 6: PREPAREDNESS: ‘Everyone has the will to win, but not everybody has the will to prepare’



Adelaide Office

Located in Norwood, South Australia
  • 90-minute initial session
  • 60-minute session
  • 45 minutes
  • 30 minutes

Online video conference

Via Skype or Zoom
  • 90-minute initial session
  • 60-minute session
  • 45 minutes
  • 30 minutes


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  • 60-minute session
    $300 + GST
  • 90-minute initial session
    $400 + GST
  • 2-hour workshop
    $500 + GST
  • 3-hour workshop
    $700 + GST

Mental strengthening

$ 499
  • 5 sessions

Mental Strengthening

$ 599
  • 6 sessions

Evolve. or Repeat.

Questions & Answers

A coach’s fundamental role is to provide a client with a set of skills to perform under pressure. Instilling confidence in their client through practicing these skills is paramount to perform.
Imagine what your technical skill would be like if you didn’t have a coach?

It’s likely that you wouldn’t come close to the same level of performance. It’s your coach who recognises the weaknesses in your performance and gives you the feedback and support that you need to improve; and it’s the same for mental strength. Elite sport demands so much psychologically, that athletes need to invest as much in their mental training as their physical and technical training. In order for a player to build mental strength effectively, mindset and mental toughness training needs to be a part of every athlete’s development. This will allow you as a player to be the best problem solver in your sport.

As you move to higher levels in your chosen sport, it’s not just your physical skills that need to improve, but your ability to handle the pressure and perform in high stress situations. This is where the help of a mental strength coach is vital. A mental strength coach will continually work with you through different experiences and circumstances. They will help identify what is holding you back mentally and which internal barriers you need to overcome to succeed at any level.

The mental strength coaches at ATHLETE IQ will help you develop tools to be mentally strong, push past your limits, and ultimately reach your goals faster than you could on your own. These tools will allow you to perform to the best of your ability, and to become the best player you can possibly be. With the help of our coaches, you will learn to access the power of your mind and witness unprecedented levels of growth and achievement.

Other Services

Strength & Conditioning

Our tailored program is established with the athlete’s primary training objectives for their chosen sport and is executed under a variety of methods to optimise performance.


Our athlete wellbeing sessions build resilience. Designed to help each athlete recognise and overcome mental blocks, self-sabotage, and better cope with stress or factors inhibiting performance.


Our goal is to identify the best eating and hydration strategies to meet an individual’s or teams schedule and training/competition need.

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