ATHLETE IQ is proud to offer Strength and Conditioning as a part of our holistic range of support services.

Peak Physical Fitness
Physical preparation is vital to achieve a high level of athletic performance. Athletes who undertake ATHLETE IQ strength and conditioning training will have the utmost advantage in state, national and international competition.


Latest Technology
Our athletes are individually monitored using Catapult Technology. This cutting-edge technology allows coaches to track performance using scientifically validated tests and develop individual programs proven to enhance performance and reduce the risk of injury. Athlete programs are continually adjusted to optimise individual training gains and goals.


Individualised and Season Specific Training
At ATHLETE IQ, our strength and conditioning coaches understand how physical demands change over the season. We have devised specific training modules for off-season, pre-season and in-season to meet these demands, which are further personalised to achieve the individual goals of each athlete.

Integrated Approach
A holistic approach is required for success in any elite sport. Our strength and conditioning coaches work closely with athlete’s sport-specific coaches to develop an integrated program. Our clients also have access to ATHLETE IQ sports psychology and mental strengthening services to help overcome mental challenges that inhibit physical performance.


Scientifically Backed
All ATHLETE IQ strength and conditioning programs are firmly based on evidence-lead practices. Our coaches continually integrate findings from the latest published peer-reviewed scientific literature. This way, our athletes experience highly innovative and scientifically backed training through the implementation of the newest and most cutting-edge practices.


Where Can We Help?
ATHLETE IQ strength and conditioning coaches are fully qualified and nationally recognised. They are available to act as competition liaisons and also provide invaluable support in the areas of:

  • Preparation
  • Rehab and Prehab
  • Injury prevention
  • Recovery
  • Loading and De-loading
  • Peaking
  • Strength and Flexibility


Single Session


5 sessions


10 sessions


15 sessions


20 sessions



Please get in touch regarding long term engagements for strength & conditioning.

Questions & Answers

Yes – in order to out-perform your competition and maintain an injury-free sporting career. The pressure on the body of an elite athlete is enormous and can also be career destroying if not managed correctly. Strength and Conditioning is the ultimate way to become physically prepared for the demands of elite sport. It will give you a distinctive advantage over your competition, enabling you to out-perform other athletes in agility, endurance, speed and muscle strength.

Your Strength and Conditioning coach will analyse your training history, physical fitness and strength capacity, then compare this to the physical aptitude needed to perform successfully in your sport. Your program will be specifically tailored to develop the specific athletic qualities to succeed in your chosen sport, with a close focus on injury prevention.

Other Services


Our athlete wellbeing sessions build resilience; Designed to help each athlete recognise and overcome mental blocks, self-sabotage, and better cope with stress or factors inhibiting performance.

Mental Strengthening

Our Mental Strengthening program is developed toward learning the correct skill sets inside the scope of developing mental toughness.


Our goal is to identify the best eating and hydration strategies to meet an individual’s or teams schedule and training/competition need.

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