Athlete Wellbeing and Performance Optimisation Workshops & seminars


We offer our mental strength workshops at your site or virtually and will communicate and impart with your athletes sustainable, practical, easy-to-learn mental skills which will assist them in becoming better leaders, communicators and competitors. They will learn how to better handle the pressure of competition, bounce back from loss and failure, deal with form slumps and improve how to focus on what’s important to them. They will learn how to develop confidence, how to overcome fears and blocks, cope with pre-performance anxiety and instil tools to block out distractions so that they can prepare mentally as best they can for big competition.


For parents of athletes, we offer unique educational seminars geared towards getting parents to ‘buy in’ and “on the team”. Empowering and educating the parent through worlds best practice approaches, allowing the parents to understand decision making, trusting the process and training them to do the right things in relation to coaching, sports nutrition, rest and recovery, discipline and the child-athlete-coach-parent dynamic.
A powerful and insightful way to teach and work with parents to understand how to avoid common mistakes with communication, time management and factors that lead to burnout, dissatisfaction, performance problems and low self-esteem. We aim to help parents in clearly understanding the role that they need to play, so that is to ensure longevity, enjoyment, passion and values are instilled in the child-athlete so that their child has the best possible chance in receiving and enduring an all-around winning and enjoyable experience in their sport.


As a coach, you play a vital role in the wellbeing and development of your athlete and or overall team.  You and your staff will learn how to take your program and coaching skills to the next level. Through integrating wellbeing and peak performance strategies into your own unique and existing coaching skillset. Topics covered are customised and tailored to meet the certain needs and intentions of your program and overcome any wide-ranging or specific concerns of the individual coaches. As a known expert in athlete wellbeing and performance enhancement, ATHLETE IQ specialises in serving you in making people and programs more resilient. 

To equip you with skills and tools to make your program stronger, players mentally tougher, more professional and ultimately more successful.



•    12 key habits of elite habits
•    The Right Mindset for Big Competitions
•    How to handle pre performance anxiety
•    The Characteristics of Champions
•    Pre – Performance Arousal  
•    An Athlete’s Mindset: Preparation + Persistence = Performance
•    12 mistakes athlete make before competition
•    Your competition isn’t other people
•    Recognising self-sabotage
•    Recognising performance disrupting mental traps and blocks
•    Dealing with form slumps and loss
•    Mental toughness strategies 101
•    Staying calm in clutch moments
•    Managing the negative effects of negative self-talk and doubt, psych-outs and intimidation
•    Taking your game/training to the elite level
•    Develop winning hyper focus and concentration


•    Developing confidence and trust in competition
•    Pre – Performance arousal   
•    Is your athlete battle ready?
•    Mental blocks for athletes: helping your athletes overcome blocks, setbacks and form slumps
•    Pregame psyching the do’s and don’t’s
•    How to use external motivating factors to elevate performance
•    Understanding  principles of peak performance
•    Training your athletes to be mentally fit
•    How to get parents to work with, not against you
•    Teach your athletes to stay cool, calm and collected
•    Developing culture and process driven intent
•    The importance of goal setting and intentions
•    Managing athletes and your own expectations


•    Allowing your child space to fail
•    Learn how to best help your child achieve his/her athletic dreams
•    The financial commitment needed to get to elite level sport
•    How to avoid performance-destroying communication mistakes
•    Learn the principles of performance optimisation off the court/field
•    The importance of teaching your child delayed gratification
•    Communication when your child loses and dealing with setbacks
•    Developing a resilient athlete

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